A Service.
A Service.

     We don't use regular steam! Does your carpet cleaner use regular water to steam away your stains? Its time to switch cleaners! See that green 5 gallon jug^ that jug contains an all fiber rinse that is injected into your carpet via our steam as we steam away your stains, for good! An all fiber rinse washes away all residue leaving your carpet softer to the touch and raises your carpets PH levels to make it visibly brighter. Also there is a splash of lemon deodorizer in the rinse as well!

Secret Formula Spot Remover

Truck mount machine

Does your cleaner use regular steam? Not us!

What does a truck mount machine mean for you? This isn't your moms shampooer! This industrial machine is capable of producing water temperatures up to 230 degrees, killing 99.9% of germs. That is only the beginning! Most home carpet machines will reach a max psi of 60, our machine is capable of producing 2500psi! We do not use a vacuum, instead our machine is equipped with an industrial blower that will produce an astonishing 295cfm for fast dry times!

High speed mechanical agitation
   Do you see the brush on the bottom of our machine in the first picture to the left? That brush is how we stirr up all the stains out of your carpet. Yes this is just another step that we take even before we touch your carpet with steam! This is just another way we ensure your carpets are as clean as possible.

This is our HIGHLY top secret spot remover! It is applied to your carpet right before our technicians mechanically agitate. This pre spray is applied using our hydro-force high pressure sprayer to all parts of the flooring being cleaned. Now we won't tell you what's exactly in the sprayer but we can tell you what it does. Our secret formula acts as a conditioner! We apply it to the floor and it begins to break down all the oils and grease and dirt all the way to the source of the stains, it then grabs the stain and acts as a surfactant and brings it to the top of the fiber where the stain then sits until it is steamed away by 220 degrees of steam!